Health and Safety


If your child is not attending School on a particular day, due to sickness or for any other reasons, please phone or text (0276311142)  the School Office by 9:30am. If your child is going to be away for a longer period please forward a note to the class teacher. A daily check is kept on absences and punctuality.

Dental Services

Our School is visited by a Dental Clinic bus - children requiring dental work will then be referred to the main Clinic sited at the Ashburton Hospital site.

Parents are welcome at the clinic to discuss their Child’s dental health. With changes to the Dental Health Care 
system, the nurses are not at Hampstead Clinic all the time but appointments and referrals can be made by phoning 307-8014 and leaving a message.


Some children need to take regular medication for a variety of reasons. If your child needs help in this area, please let the class teacher know, or make arrangements at the School Office. The caregivers of any child receiving long term medication must sign a School Consent Form before staff can administer it.

We ask for an emergency contact number for each family. This helps us in situations when Parents are not available and a child may be sick or injured. If yourcontact numbers change please advise us.

First Aid

Please advise the Office if children need to take any form of medical prescription during the school day (i.e. Inhalers etc). If your child is on medication you will be asked to sign an authority for us to administer the medication. All medication must be named and will be kept in the Office. A list is kept of allergy sufferers so please notify the School of any allergies from which your child suffers.

We ask for an emergency number for each family to assist in situations where parents are unavailable.

Travelling to School

We ask that all children use the pedestrian crossings before and after School until 3:10pm. By law children over the age of 8 are allowed to ride to School- bike helmets are compulsory.

If you intend using the bus service you can contact the bus controller, Mandy by phone through the Ashburton College 308 4193 or their website

Drink Bottles:

We ask for your co-operation in sending drinks along in plastic containers and not in glass bottles.


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