The School consists of 15 permanent rooms and a large Resource Room and Library. There is a central administration area, hall and various store sheds. There are extensive grounds which are continuously being developed to add to the attractiveness of the school environment.


Weekly Assemblies are held each Friday at 12.15 p.m. During the year each class is responsible for taking an assembly. These assemblies start at the earlier time of 12.00 noon. You will be informed when your Child’s class is having its assembly and invited along.

Bike Sheds:

Junior bike sheds are located at the south end of Wellington Street. Senior bike sheds are located by the main pedestrian crossing. Bike stand numbers for senior students are issued from the Office. We do not encourage students below year four to bike to school unless accompanied by an adult. We recommend the use of bike locks. Helmets must be worn when cycling.


Children traveling on school buses do so under school rules. If, for any reason, your child is not to travel on the bus, please notify the School Office. On “mixed” school buses, such as ours, there are sometimes problems. If you have concerns, please contact the School and the matter will be referred to the appropriate agency.


The School has a Complaints Policy. If you wish to read this or have a copy please call at the Office.


When enrolling your Child please have a birth certificate with you. Also required is a health card (which is page 83 of the Plunket Book) and details of immunisation. Each new five year old to the School will receive a “Welcome to Hampstead School” kit, which contains information about the “big day” and the Junior Class Programme


Miss Shaw can be contacted to discuss your child’s start to school. If you have not been contacted by the School six weeks before your child is due to start, please phone us so they can be part of the Pre-Entry Visit Programme.

This programme runs for four weeks before your Child attends School on Thursday mornings (9–1.30) to assist in the transition from home to school.

Friday Fun:

The School runs a programme for four year olds to help prepare them for School. The Children visit the School over a lunchtime receiving a pack of work to complete and select a book from the School Library. Please contact Miss Shaw for further information.


It is School Policy that homework be set on week nights. The amount will vary according to age but it should not involve your child for more than half an hour. Please contact the class teacher if you have any queries about homework.

Information Communication Technology:

Technology such as digital cameras, tablets and laptops are used throughout the School. Technology is a valuable and motivating resource teachers use as part of inquiry learning.

Lost Property:

Every effort is made to trace lost property. Parents can assist by naming all clothing. Lost property bins are located in cloak-rooms beside Rooms 2/3, Room 9 and Rooms 11/12. Un-named and un-claimed clothing is kept until the end of the year, then disposed of.


The School Library is used to capacity and this indicates the value we place on reading. We trust Parents will assist us in fostering a love and care for books. Reading with your children is a very positive model for them.

Open School:

The Staff believe that Parents are an important part of the success of the School and you are encouraged to take part in the education of your Child. Please feel free to approach staff members to discuss your Child’s progress – 
appointments should be made. Parent help is welcomed at the School and you will get the opportunity to take part if you wish to do so.

Parent Help:

Parental help is requested with :-

  • Helping in classrooms – hearing reading, reading stories, supervising groups, library help etc.
  • Making equipment – assisting with the covering of books and processing books for classroom/library use and illustrating “blown up” books.
  • Assisting with sport – if you have skills in any particular sport we would appreciate your sharing these with us.
  • Camp “Mums” and “Dads” (demanding but rewarding) - Using parents’ expert knowledge/skills to provide extra experiences for the children.
  • Volunteering to serve on the Board of Trustees or the Parent/Teacher Association Committee.

Photocopier and Laminator:

We photocopy and laminate for Parents. Prices can be obtained from the School.

  • Photocopy Paper Charge: A photocopy charge of $5.00 per Child, per year, is made. This charge helps to cover curriculum costs.


Punctuality is a habit we encourage, as late arrivals tend to disrupt classes. If yourchild is unable to attend School we would appreciate a telephone call to let us know. For long-term absences (2 days or more) please send along a note of explanation as the Board of Trustees require that all pupil absences be accounted for.

Religious Instruction:

Pupils above Year three receive religious instruction for half an hour once a week, over which period the School is officially closed. The programme is of a non denominational nature. We are fully aware that some Parents may prefer that their Child does not take part in these sessions. Please contact us and we will make alternative arrangements.

School Grounds:

The playground is open after school hours for the Hampstead community to use.

  • We ask that people keep clear of the buildings
  • Do not drive cars into the grounds without permission
  • Golf is not practised on the grounds
  • The playground equipment, shrubs and trees are respected
  • Permission should be asked for if an organisation is planning to use the grounds
  • Dogs are kept out of the grounds
  • You respect our non-smoking policy

School Newsletters:

Newsletters are distributed on Monday. Please read these as they contain information about a range of activities. Teachers, from time to time will send home class notices. Newsletters are also available on our Website.

School Lunches:

Children who do not go home for lunch are not permitted to leave the School grounds during the lunch break. Children waiting for lunches brought to school by their Parents will wait on the office ramp. Orders for lunches are collected on Tuesday (Subway) morning. Please send along the correct change in a Subway bag. Orders are placed up to 9.00 a..m. The School takes no responsibility for delivery or the standard of the lunches. Contact can be made with  Subway phone 308-5809.

At lunch Children are supervised for 15 minutes: 12.30 p.m. to 12.45 p.m.


Books and stationery are sold at competitive prices from the School Stationery Shop. The small profit is used to subsidise school outings and to pay for visiting performers. Purchases should be made between 8.30 and 9.00 a.m. Price lists are available at the School Office.

Text Books:

Text Books are issued to children free of charge. They are the property of the School. Please return any text books you may discover at home and please ensure your Child takes care of the books. 


Uniforms are compulsory and are available through The Warehouse- this includes hats.  The School receives a rebate back for all Uniform purchases.

A second hand clothing Shop operates from the Office. If you have any items you would like to donate please bring them along to the Office Secretary.



Grey drill shorts, Royal blue shorts or trackpants ::  Monogrammed navy blue  polo shirt:: Hampstead sweat-shirt or Royal blue polo fleece or vest :: Grey or white socks ::  (Warehouse)


Kilt or Royal blue track pants :: Monogrammed Navy  blue sleeve polo shirt :: Hampstead sweat-shirt or Royal blue polo fleece or vest :: Royal blue tights or white socks ::  (Warehouse)


Black shoes or black sneakers as available at No 1 Shoes, The Warehouse or Frontrunner.



Grey drill shorts or royal blue shorts, Monogrammed navy polo shirt :: Hampstead sweat-shirt or Royal blue polo fleece or vest :: Navy blue sunhat  :: Grey ankle or knee length socks


Blue and white material, culottes or skorts :: Navy polo shirt :: Hampstead sweat-shirt or Royal blue polo fleece or vest :: Royal blue shorts :: Navy blue sunhat :: White ankle or knee length socks

  • Summer material is available from Bernina and Material Time.
  • Patterns for summer skort can be hired from the School Office for $1.00 per pattern (50 cents will be refunded on return of pattern).
  • Please Name All Clothing


Vulnerable Children Policy is available from our School Office on request.


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