School Staff 2021

Principal: Mr Peter Melrose
Finance Manager: Mrs Kellie Forrester
Administration: Mrs Nicola Marriott
Caretaker: Miss Rose Wilson
  • Room   1: Miss Barbara Shaw - Assistant Principal
  • Room   2: Miss Jennifer Martin
  • Room   3: Miss Sophie Lewthwaite
  • Room   4: Miss Georgina Trotman
  • Room   5: Ms Kendra Hall
  • Room   6: 
  • Room   7: Mrs Claudine Campbell- Assistant Principal
  • Room   8: Mrs Robyn Dunne
  • Room   9: Miss Ella Johnson
  • Room  10: Miss Hannah Gray
  • Room  11: Mrs Lois Eaton
  • Room  12: Miss Rose Peterson
  • Room  13: Mrs Julie Crossen
  • Room  14:-Miss Mary Wise
  • Room  15: Miss Casey McIntosh
  • Room  16:  Miss Anna Pedlow
  • Room  17: Miss Kayleigh Bruerton
Specialist Teachers:-  Mrs Andrea Davies, Mrs Karen Hooper, Miss Annie Lee, Mrs Glenda Dawson
Teacher Aides:- Mrs Sandra Mattingley, Mrs Nic Marriott, Mrs Gail O'Brien, Miss Nicola Dodd, Mrs Faye Johnston, Mrs Lisa Cameron, Mrs Debbie Shea,  Mrs Justine Frost, Mrs Bridget Overend, Miss Marianne Darrell, Mrs Andrea Ritchie (Librarian),Mrs Tanya Pere, Ms Kim Anderson, Miss Kerryn Gray, Mrs Marie Allen
Board of Trustees
The overall governance and financial management of the School and its grounds is the responsibility of your Board of Trustees.
The Board usually meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6.00 p.m. in our Staffroom. Meeting dates are noted in the School Newsletter. Minutes and reports are displayed on the School’s Foyer Noticeboard.

Our Board of Trustees -   Dayle Prichard (Chairperson), Leigh Bishop (treasurer), Regan Broker, Jenny Lansdown, Margaret Walker, Miss Jen Martin ((Staff representative), Peter Melrose (Principal).
A copy of the School’s Education Review Report is available through
Parent Teacher Association
The PTA Committee meets monthly undertaking school social and fundraising activities. The Annual General Meeting of the PTA is held in March.
Convenor: Kim Ross    Secretary : Nicki Tabener     Treasurer : Angela Trott
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