Hampstead School 1886 onward...

As the population of Ashburton grew so did the need for a new School. Originally known as Ashburton East and sited on the present Friedlander Park the School outgrew its grounds (in 1959 the roll topped at 705.) With the opening of other schools in the District and particularly Ashburton Intermediate the roll has stabilised around 300.

The Hampstead Memorial Baths gate commemorates the service of those in World War One and Two.

The present Swimming Pool itself has been a Community focus since 1922 (renovated in 1963), in that time numerous children have learnt to swim and enjoyed the pleasures of a dip on hot days. Our Community makes regular use of the Pool outside school hours- a family key is available through the Office.

The present Hampstead Hall was built in 1974 and provides a space where we can not only meet for Assemblies but undertake Gymnastics, Speech Competitions and celebrations of school life. The new Library and Resource Room was completed in 2008.


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